Media and Society

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Communication channels through which news, entertainment, education, data,

or promotional messages are disseminated. Media includes every broadcasting and

narrowcasting medium such as newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, billboards, direct mail,

telephone, fax, and internet

A Brief Description Of Media And History Of Media In Pakistan: Newspaper:
Newspaper is one of the most effective ways of communicating prevailing situation of the

country to the residents. A person remains well informed about current issues and events

happening in the country and world. A journalist does a lot of hardship in order to collect the

information about an event to provide to the common people.

Very few newspapers were published in the newly born Pakistan. In East Pakistan and

Baluchistan not a single newspaper was published. The NWFP had two daily papers.

Newspapers owned by Muslims came to Pakistan. These include Daily Azad and morning news

(shifted to Dhaka), Dawn, jang and anjam (set up in Karachi) After independence, a number of

Newspapers were published but due to financial constraint and many other reasons, their

publication did not continue i.e. Roshni, inqallqb, musalman. English press was not so healthy at

the time of independence due to educational under development. Not a single daily newspaper

could be published from the area of East Pakistan from 1947 till 1971.The first news agency of

Pakistan was associated press of Pakistan (APP). It was established in 1947 by an Eastern news

trust. It was a private agency from 1947 to 1961. Government took over its control on 5th

June 1961 by an ordinance called “Associated Press of Pakistan taking ordinance 1961”Other

Than APP, there are six more news agencies: Pakistan Press International (1968), Pakistan

Agency (1992), News Network International (1992) and United News Agency (UNA).

Radio Pakistan:

Radio is very effective and strong media of mass communication because of its quickness,

east access and infinite reach. As Pakistan is a developing country, many areas of our country are without

electricity, and literacy rates very low and means of communication are adequate. Radio is not only

source of information in several areas, it is also playing a vital role in

disseminating information about national policies of government, highlighting the Islamic

Ideological basis of our country, providing entertainment to the listeners of different age

groups, inform the listeners about the events taking place in the world and make them aware of the

general information on health, education and many other things. Pakistan broadcasting corporation

has 24 radio stations which daily broadcasts programs of general entertainment. Overall,

Islamabad emerged as the ‘media threat capital’ of Pakistan, the place

most dangerous in the country to practice journalism with no less than 143 of the 368

cases of various categories of intimidation of the media recorded here. In the city, during

the period under review, three journalists were murdered, seven were arrested, 58 were

injured and 66were harassed or explicitly threatened while there were three

cases of attacks on media properties and 47 instances of gag orders on media organizations.

Sindh remained the second most dangerous place to practice journalism in

Pakistan with a total of 93 cases of intimidation and Punjab third with 48 cases

while 30 cases were recorded in NWFP, 23 in Baluchistan, 16 in FATA, a dozen in AJK and three

in Northern Areas.


Television (TV) is a telecommunication medium for transmitting the prevailing situation of the

country to the residents. It is far better than the radio stations and newspapers and is very effective

and strong media of mass communication because of its quickness, ease access and infinite...
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