Media and Social Networking

Topics: Facebook, Social network service, Twitter Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: December 29, 2012
Social networking and media though very different in functionality are inevitably inter-related. In a very short span social networking saw an upswing worldwide. The number of profiles on facebook is more than population of many countries in the world. It promoted the idea of being in touch with your family and friends along with sharing views and pictures. With almost the whole world subscribed marketing on this platform also gained momentum. Campaigns, promotions, ads; name it and it was happening on these social networks. It almost became a reliable and quick source of information sharing. One such campaign in India which elevated was the “India Against Corruption” campaign. This campaign was launched on facebook and most of Anna’s followers comprised of youth. The campaign went viral over the net and created awareness about the Jan Lokpal Bill. Anna was among the top 10 most-searched terms on Google and logged 1.64 crore Google results while Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan trailed at 1.38 crore. All dates, events and rallies related to the campaign are updated. Over 40,000 people watched the video shot by Kiran Bedi inside Tihar Jail on youtube in which Anna has addressed his supporters. The media all this while kept a check on the statistics. Many a time, they would find information from these social networking sites. Every follower had a different opinion and something different to say. It helped the media to get a personalized touch from the followers themselves. Today facebook has 542 fan pages by Anna's name. This clearly shows us that social networking has not only overtaken media as an information source but also begun influencing it. Twitter has become a portal for public figures to give their statements and answers which would have otherwise been covered in the media as interviews and comments. As mentioned before, Print media like newspapers have even begun printing the statements written on these networking sites....
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