Media and Racism

Topics: Missing white woman syndrome, Racism, Natalee Holloway Pages: 6 (1990 words) Published: May 19, 2013
R. Phelps
English Comp 1 10:00
November 14 2011
The Media only knows Money and Ratings
Media programs like FOX have a problem with reporting murders and kidnappings of white, blonde, and blue eyed women only. The fact that news programs do not report all disappearances and murders equally is an issue. American minorities would like to know why. If you are informing the public of recent kidnappings and murders, you need to reach out to all ranges of society. The media’s way of reporting is bound to cause uproar with some of their viewers, and may begin to lose them. It is immortal and unethical to focus on the victimization of only the majority. According to Boyd, the media neglects the minority because it would reduce their ratings and views. Ratings for FOX and NBC seem to be more important than actual truthful reports. The news programs should be less concerned about ratings and more on their values and morals, because it is represented in what they report to their viewers. “This is a free country, yet people still believe they can take our freedoms away” (MrBrianBeach). So FOX and NBC keeping murder and disappearance for society is like taking our rights to know about cases of missing and murdered people.

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Viewers should have the possibility to decide which report they are interested in, and which to be informed on. Nevadastatecollege on explains that mainstream media adds too much of a disproportionate amount of media coverage compared to how likely these white women are to be victims. The percentages are a lot larger than the norm. Making white women believe they are the main targets for criminals, which is statistically proven incorrect. White women are 7% less likely to be part of domestic violence, and 9% of them live in safer neighborhoods than non-white women. White women take part in less than 8.6% of non-violent crimes compared to 3.6% that are involved in violent crimes. This still only makes up 29 percent of crimes done by women. The fact mainstream media is leaving out the poor and the minority is racist. News should be for all ranges of society and not only focused around upper class whites. Boyd believes that the news programs like to concentrate their reports on the higher class and higher educated citizens solely in hopes of receiving better ratings for their television programs. I think people focus mainly on white racism, because it affects people the most. Whether we like it or not, white people still greatly control this country. White people still have the upper hand in many situations, and therefore white racism is more prominent in our lives. Although the face of the missing in America is typically overwhelmingly white and blonde, people of color account for a full 40 percent of all missing-persons cases, and African-Americans make up a staggering share of those non-white cases.

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According to FBI statistics, 273,985 people of color were reported missing in the United States in 2010. In eight of 10 of those cases, the victims were black (Latour Francie). If blacks make up such a substantial number of missing cases, why aren’t they not reported on the most?

This leaves the argument that the media has a problem against colored Americans. Also we must confront that there still is some racism in America. For example an incident that happened in Linden NJ, two Mexican immigrants walked into a deli store to order some coffee and sandwiches. But rather than getting served, they got hit with insults hurled at them from the clerk behind the counter. Their broken-English request for food was met with a barrage of racist remarks, including, "Get back in your pickup truck with the rest of your family." In the face of discrimination, many of the bystanders seemed immobilized, some too stunned to react. After being turned away by the cashier, one of the day laborers asked a nearby customer for help. She suggested that he try another store down the street. Many...
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