Media and Information and Communication Technology for Teaching

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Kinds of Media
• Audio: audio-cassette, radio program, etc • Visual: pictures, photo, poster, etc • Audio-visual: video or television program • Multimedia: Integration of text, pictures, animation, dan audio program.

How does a child learn?




What are the media for language teaching?

Before 1920s

Chalkboard & Typewriter Era
Teacher as the only beholder of the knowledge

• Teacher Centered • Memorize • Teacher can do no wrong


Projector Era
• Visual Aid • Introducing the outside world • Mass media

Late 1920s-1940s

Tape Recorder & Language Lab Era
• Repetition • Substitution drills • Visual Learners are assisted • Teacher becomes a drill instructor


1981 Transistorized TV (USA)


TV&Video Era
• • • • • • Express spread of information Mass spread of information Out of the classroom teaching Reach those who are out of school Schooling no longer bound to a place Critical Thinking required Teacher should be knowledgeable with up-toup-todate information


Computer, Internet, & Digital Era
• • • • Student Centered Interactive Communication Self Access Study No time, space, and time boundary • Teacher as facilitator

Challenge ?

Or Threat?

The Use of ICT for Teaching
• ICT as the vehicle for instruction • ICT as an interaction aid • ICT as learning resources • ICT as a tool for professional development

as a Vehicle of instruction

as a Vehicle of Instruction

Students are able to write about their homes.

as an interaction aid in Instruction
Students are able to interact with JacquesEdoward Berger, A researcher for Borobudur temple from France

as an Interaction Aid in Instruction

Example of CAI for Indonesian subject

as an Interaction Aid in Instruction
Example of simulation

As an Interaction Aid in...
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