Media Analysis

Topics: Gender, Male, Masculinity Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Media Analysis

The Philips GC4490 AKA the "Man Iron"

Phillips came out with a new Iron that was created and being marketed specifically to the male gender. Philips is aiming to alleviate the domestic burden that may men are faced with by offering a masculine product that can be used for those tedious household chores. Phillips GC4490 “The Man Iron” is built with 2,400 watts of power, advanced steam technology (delivered by pushing one unassuming button) and a scratch-proof soleplate, and is more than equipped to deal with even the most stubborn of creases. The irons appearance is even tailored resembling that of a premium sports car rather than a conventional iron. Phillips is portraying the characteristics of men and how they see themselves and the masculine stereotypes that exist. The masculine stereotypes include being aggressive and dominating. The traditional traits for men are that they are smart, dominant, aggressive and strong. Phillips uses these masculinity traits in referring to their iron and to the man that will use the iron. In an advertisement Phillips states, “ For smart, creaseless shirts, men need the best tools for the job delivering speed and high performance it crushes the opposition and gets the job d one fast, so you can get on

With more important things, in style with crease-free confidence.” This is implying that men deserve the best and deserve a stronger, faster, iron that is so strong and powerful it crushes all competiton. It also implies that men more important things they should be spending their time on, rather then ironing. In marketing this iron Phillips is associating the traditional role of ironing a domesticated trait, which associates primarily with the female gender. However there are many instances when the male gender must iron for himself. Phillips has marketed this iron to the male in a way that eases the less domesticated male in to the art of ironing. Since the act of ironing itself is not seen as...
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