Topics: Mass media, Newspaper, Journalism Pages: 7 (2415 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Carissa Phoel
Professor Wu
Mass 12
Final Paper

Print Media: The End of an Era

With the advancement in technology taking over almost everything around us, one cannot help but what but question the future of Print media. There are several different topics that one can argue about this change that is happening around us. For my final paper, I chose to research and analyze the factors that are contributing to the downfall of print media. I discovered effect technology will have on business’s and the employment rate in our country, the question of credibility of online journalists and finally, and the most recent changes of print media going digital today. While researching and analyzing these topics, I came to conclusion that society should question the decision of becoming completely digital. As long as technology advances print media, which has been a vital part of history, will continue to disappear. With these different factors contributing to the decline of print media, I came to the conclusion that transforming print media into digital format, we might regret our decision to change something that has been a vital part of history. Since technology has advanced, we expect to have everything accessible online and expect to have this information as soon as it happens. Although speed and accessibility is a factor we embrace, the rapid advancement of technology is replacing things that have meaning and history behind it. Since my generation has grown up with the advancement of technology, I have learned to become dependent on it. Although I still have appreciation for print media such as books and magazines, my generation has become so adequate with technology it is hard to discard it and return to print media. With the increase of technology people will soon remember print only as a fond memory. Since technology is becoming more and more advanced, it essentially will affect businesses and those who are employed prior to this digital change. From a 2008 article in The New York Times: “On Tuesday, The Christian Science Monitor announced that, after a century, it would cease publishing a weekday paper. Time Inc., the Olympian home of Time magazine, Fortune, People and Sports Illustrated, announced that it was cutting 600 jobs and reorganizing its staff. And Gannett, the largest newspaper publisher in the country, compounded the grimness by announcing that it was laying off 10 percent of its workforce – up to 3,000 people.” Society is changing and is allowing technology to take over and replace work done by employees. Although it is understood that there’re multiple factors that are discussed before a company cuts their staff. However, if we allow technology to take over our jobs how can we guarantee that people will still be employed by 2020?

As I stated earlier, the cost of print journalism is the problem rather then the lack of speed and efficiency. Its not the lack of people wanting to read newspapers or magazines, it the cost factor which is decreasing print media. This then raises the question whether people are reading the websites created by print companies. Ultimately, we are still getting the same quality of information and the companies are still gaining loyal costumers yet we feel guilty when we access an online version of a magazine. The same article from the New York Times, the author discusses how 90% revenue is from selling the printed product. Without the income from print, companies are unable to keep a stable business. The first way a company cuts costs is by decreasing their staff number. This issue will be a changing struggle for small print companies who cannot generate enough revenue from their printed products. Therefore, small companies will be cut, almost creating a monopoly of the larger companies that are able to survive the technology change. This giant cut in companies leads to a decrease in sources and information. Even though websites are cheaper to run, companies have already...
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