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Pros and Cons of allowing death penalty in Maldives3-5 Environment friendly and sustainable techniques for solid waste management in the Maldives6-8 Importance of English Language for a Maldivian Student9-11 References12

Pros and Cons of allowing death penalty in Maldives

The death penalty or capital punishment is the sentence of death upon a person by judicial process as a punishment for an offence. In most of the Countries it applies only for aggravated murder and more rarely for felony murder. Countries like India, America and china grant the punishment for mainly heinous crimes, even as human rights activists continue to take bull by it and take as an issue. About 20 years ago Maldives was one of the peaceful nations in the world. It was a time when there was extremely low crime rate. It was called as the Sunny side of life. The “Sunnyside” doesn’t only describe the sunny beaches it also meant that people can travel around the Maldives without any hesitation. It was the time when Maldivian had absolute neighborhood. People don’t need to lock their homes and spend thousands to secure their self and their wealth. It was like a perfect society. They lived like a family and spending good time with each other. Absolutely they did not have this much of wealth at that time, they were one of the least develop county in the world. Over the last decade everything has changed, crime rate has sky rocketed, gang fights, killing, stabbing, theft, rape, etc... Become as a daily activities. It is hard to pass a day without crime news. One of the main causes of this rapid increase is due to drugs and most of the citizens believe that this rapid increase it is due to the failure of implementing laws like death penalty. But death penalty is a controversial, thought some believe this is the ultimate solution, there are also people who are against this act, and their argument is that, it is against human rights. Some peoples argue that giving death penalty for some crimes like murders is fit for crime. If someone violently murders another person, then it makes sense for the punishment to be death. Death is the main fear of people. Nobody fears to go to prison because prison is the place where criminals mentor each other on their criminal skills. For that nothing will put off criminal more than the fear of death. Mostly in Maldives people who commit crimes are same, putting them in prison, as opposed to executing them gives them a chance of parole. But implementing death penalty for big crimes will not give chance to criminal to committing another crime. Some of anti-death penalty campaigners argue that it is greatly to be feared that more often than we imagine an innocent man has been hanged. Circumstantial evidence is not reliable and though this facts generally admitted prisoners are free condemned upon evidence which the best legal expert admit to be essentially dubious. But today’s world has brought the new technologies like modern forensics and DNA testing make accuracy of proofs. So it is very unlikely...
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