Media's Effect on Society

Topics: Violence, Aggression, Psychology Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Public attention to violence in television has been evident since the early 1950's. Since then, some have come to feel that the portrayal of violence on television is an example of the moral breakdown of our once-great nation. Unfortunately, television is thought to have an impact on the beliefs and actions of viewers, especially of children and teenagers. Most boys and girls who see violent acts performed on television are more likely to become violent and aggressive in their own lives. Two Chicago doctors, Leonard Eron, and Rowell Huesmann followed the viewing habits of a group of children for twenty-two years. They concluded that watching violence on televisionencourages violent and aggressive behavior. Programs, advertisements, and even the news is giving the public a warped view of reality. Since most people have little experience with crime and violent acts, they are more likely to believe what they see on television. By distorting reality, television has caused the increase of violence because of learned behaviors and the desensitization of children. One of the main reasons television creates a fair amount of violence in society is the fact that children learn the specific behaviors they observe. It has been established above all that children watch television to keep themselves occupied and for amusement. Television has and informative and social function. Children have said from television they get ideas, learn about good and evil, and get an idea of reality. In order for a child to be influenced significantly by a particular program, they must find the programs credible. The child then develops opinions through different sources(parents, teachers, peers), and then the child will have their own experiences, relating what they saw on television with the similar situation they have encountered in their own lives. It is true that the programs that have the greatest influence are the ones that deal in matters we have no knowledge of. An example of this is...
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