Medellin Cartel and Pablo Escobar

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  • Published : October 28, 2006
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Unlike most people think, America demanded for cocaine to be shipped in the United State. During his stay in Danbury during the early 70's because of car theft, he met George Jung, who was in prison for smuggling marijuana in the United States from Mexico. Since G. Jung had experience with flying marijuana to the US from Mexico in small aircraft, staying below radar level and landing in dry riverbeds, it inspired Lehder to use the same technique to smuggle cocaine in the United State. When both of them got out, they became business partners. This idea revolutionized the cocaine trade because before, they relied on humans to bring cocaine into the US, and only small quantities could be transported each time. Now, drug dealers could import up to several hundred kilos of cocaine at a time, without taking as a much risk when using a human. When Jung and Lehder finally gain enough money through drugs, they bought a small aircraft and hired a professional pilot. This introduced a completely new horizon of bringing drugs into the United States. Having an airplane, built connections and trust with the Colombian suppliers who would bribe the Bahamian government to let the plan go through their territory. George Jung and Carlos handled the transportation and the distribution of cocaine into the United States, and the Pablo Escobar and from time to time, the Ochoa Brothers handled the production and supply. During the late 70's when the business grew bigger and Lehder had sufficient money, he bought properties on an island called Norman's Cay, located 210 miles off Florida coast. This was a strategic emplacement because it could be used as a halt for bigger planes, and then put the cocaine into smaller aircraft and then the cocaine could be transported in the Florida. As Lehder got richer, he bought more and more properties on the island, and eventually built an even built 3 300-foot landing strip protected by radar, and his own army. He eventually forced the locals to...
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