Medea Project

Topics: Euripides, Medea, Literary technique Pages: 3 (649 words) Published: October 18, 2010

1) Provide three examples of foreshadowing:

- Nurse- “deadly mood’’
- Nurse- “ Good never comes…never to morals…house to portals.” - Nurse- “My mistress’ rage will stop at nothing.”

2) What impact does the literary device of foreshadowing have on the play?

The impact that it has is that it keeps you thinking what’s going to happen next and it makes you want to keep reading to see what’s going to happen next.

3) Give an example for the type(s) of irony used (dramatic, situational, and verbal).

Situational irony was when Medea told Creon that she needed one more day and then she would leave because she didn’t have anywhere else to stay.


1) How does Euripedes portray women throughout the play?
- He portrays women throughout the play as being easy, dependent and weak minded by the chorus stating how it was normal in that time for men to cheat on women .

2) How does Euripedes portray his play “Medea” as a feminist piece? - Euripedes portray women as being vindictive when mistreated by their husbands.

3) What did he have to say about the treatment of women under the oppression of a patriarchal society? -The way that women were mistreated by men during that time era caused women to act the way they did..

4) Why does Euripedes give Medea so much power?
-Euripedes gives Medea so much power to portray her as a strong women who wont settle for less because she knows deserves better .


1) What symbolic archetype(s) does Medea represent or are mentioned? -Light vs. Darkness

2)What character archetype(s) does Medea represent or are mentioned? -The Star -Crossed Lovers because Medea was involved in a love affair that ended in a tragedy involving her children, Jason’s mistress and the king due to her committed crime back home.

3)What situational archetype(s) does Medea represent or are mentioned? -The Unhealable Wound because Jason’s adultery cause it causes Medea to go...
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