Medea: Insiders vs Outsiders

Topics: Medea, Marriage, Greek mythology Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Medea: Insider vs. Outsider
In the Epic Myth of Medea, Insiders and Outsiders are treated differently. The outsiders are the people who aren’t legal citizens of the given town, while the insiders are the actual citizens of the town. There are many insiders and outsiders in Medea and there are ways to gain and lose citizenship. Insiders and Outsider’s Social Status in the community is shown by how they are treated. Many people in the myth, Medea, are outsiders; the most common one is Medea. Various family members are jealous of outsiders and other insiders, and they are willing to kill to achieve their goals. Medea arranges for Pelias to be killed by his own daughters. Later, she kills her own children and Jason's new bride to exact revenge. The idea of social organization is depicted by the insiders, outsiders and how Jason goes between insider and outsider.

The Insiders in Medea include Jason, Creon, and Glauce. Jason was though his evil stems more from weakness than strength. He abandons his wife, Medea, in order to marry Glauce, the daughter of Creon. Medea argues with Jason by saying, “‘Is your heart so shameless, Jason, that you now dare to fave your wedded lady? For you have betrayed me! You have abandoned me! You have left me to be a stranger in a strange land! And is your heart so hard, Jason, that you can forget our wedding vows, the sacred promises you, as well as I, made before Far-seeing Zeus, Lord of Justice, and before White-armed Hera, Protector of the Wedding-bond?’” (229). this shows how Jason betrayed Medea and how it made Medea feel. Another insider is, The King of Corinth, Creon who banishes Medea from the city. Creon's suicidal embrace of his dying daughter and his sentence against Medea lends urgency to her plans for revenge. Glauce is the young, beautiful princess for whom Jason abandons Medea. Although she never utters a word, Glauce's presence is an object of Medea's jealousy. Overall, the Insiders are legal citizens of the cities,...
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