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  • Published : November 9, 2012
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Miguel Pena
Mrs. Futrell
English 2
28 October 2011
Jason Tragic Hero
In the tragedy Medea by Euripides, Jason faces the death of his new wife and two sons that have been killed by his ex-wife Medea. Jason leaves Medea to marry the king of Corinth’s daughter; therefore, Medea takes revenge on him. Jason wasn’t always bad he was a good husband before he did what he did. Jason is a tragic hero because he fits the characteristics of a tragic hero.

First of all Jason is a tragic hero because he helped Medea when she didn’t know it. Jason tells her “You have a home in Hellas instead of some Barbarian land, you have known justice, and had your talents recognized all over Greece.”(Euripides pg. 365) Medea believes that Jason has done nothing but married her and left her for some princess. In that, quote Jason tells Medea that he has help her in many ways such as giving her a new home, teaching her to be civil, and helped make a name for her. Aristotle’s says that that a tragic hero is usually a good person and that’s what Jason is.

Also, Leaving Madea for the king’s daughter shows that being selfish was his tragic flaw. In the play the Nurse says, “Jason has betrayed his sons and her, takes to bed a royal bride, Creon’s daughter.”(Euripides pg. 337) The text explains that Jason has left his two sons and Madea just to marry a princess. Jason left Medea because he said he will be able to have money to support his children, which is selfish because he can find other ways to get money. Medea also thinks Jason is being selfish and just wants a new wife because he was tired of her. A tragic hero has a tragic flaw, and Jason’s selfishness is his flaw because, after Madea learns what he’s going to do, he begins to lose everything.

Finally Jason faces the death of his new wife and his two children when his ex-wife kills them. Jason says “Let me have the boys – to mourn and bury them.”(Euripides pg. 388)The quote is what Jason is saying to Medea when he last...