Med Tech Laws and Bioethics

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What is PD 223?
* The creation of the Professional Regulation Commission

What is the date of approval?
* June 22,1973

What amended PD 223?
* PD 223 was amended by PD 657

What is RA 8981?
* The PRC Modernization Act of 2000

What is the composition of the PRC?
* One full-time Chairperson
* Two full-time commissioners

What are the qualifications of commissioner of PRC?
* At least 40 years of age
* Holding a valid certificate of registration or professional license, and valid professional ID * Familiar with the principles and methods of professional regulation, and/or licensing * Has had at least five years of executive or management experience

What are the powers, functions and responsibilities of the commission? * To administer, implement and enforce the regulatory policies of the national government * To perform any and all acts, enter into contracts, make such rules and regulations and issue such orders and other administrative issuance * To review, revise, and approve resolutions, embodying policies promulgated by the Professional Regulatory Boards * To administer and conduct the licensure examinations of the various regulatory boards in accordance with the rules and regulations promulgated by the Commission * To admit the successful examinees to the practice of the profession or occupation * To have custody of all the records of the various Boards * To determine and fix the amount of fees to be charged and collected * To appoint subject to the Civil Service laws, rules, and regulations, officials and employees of the Commission necessary for the effective performance of its functions and responsibilities * To submit and recommend to the President of the Philippines the names of licensed/registered professionals for appointment as members of the various Professional Regulatory Boards * To approve the registration of and authorize the issuance of a certificate of registration/license and professional identification card * To authorize any officer of the Commission to administer oaths * To supervise foreign nations who are authorized by existing laws to practice their professions either as holders of a certificate of registration and a professional identification card or a temporary special permit in the Philippines * To monitor the performance of schools in licensure examinations and publish the results thereof in a newspaper of national circulation * To adopt and institute a comprehensive rating system for universities, colleges, and training institutes based on the passing ratio and overall performance of students in board examinations * To exercise administrative supervision over the various professional regulatory boards and its members * To adopt and promulgate such rules and regulations as may be necessary to effectively implement policies with respect to the regulation and practice of the professions * To implement the program for the full computerization of all licensure examinations given by the various professional regulatory boards * To investigate and decide administrative matters involving officers and employees under the jurisdiction of the Commission * To investigate motu proprio

* To issue summons, subpoena and subpoena duces tecum
* To hold in contempt in erring party or person only upon application with a court of competent jurisdiction * To call upon or request any department, instrumentality, office, bureau, institution or agency of the government including local government units to render such assistance * To initiate an investigation

* To prepare an annual report of accomplishments
* To perform such other functions and duties as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act

What are the powers, functions and responsibilities of various regulatory boards? * To regulate the practice of the professions in accordance...
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