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@CLASS: T.E. (Mechanical / Automobile)
MECHATRONICS Periods per week I Period of 60 min. Lecture Practical Tutorial 04 02

Semester:- VI

Evaluation System'

-Theory Examination Practical Oral Examination Term Work TOTAL Hours 04 --Marks 100 25 -25 150


Sr. no. Module 01

Details Introduction to Mechatronics, Mechtronics Systems in Factory, Home and Business Applications. Basic Components of Mechatronic Systems, Mechatronics Design process, Objectives Advantages Disadvantages of Mechatronics. Overview of micro processors and micro-controllers 8051 microcontrollers: Functional block diagram and architecture, Instruction set and assembly language programming. Interfacing of: HEX-keyboards, LCD display, ADC, DAC and stepper motor (a) Pneumatic and Hydraulic actuation systems: Pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Electro-Pneumatic systems Electro- Hydraulic systems. Development of circuits for Industrial,-\automation.

Hrs 02

Module 02


Module 03


Module 04

(b )PLC in Automation: Basic structure, I/O processing. Ladder logic diagram. Selection of PLC. Introduction to control systems. open loop and closed loop systems, Mathematical modeling of control systems, concept of transfer f1.1I1ction, Block diagram algebra, State space modeling. Process control systems, ON-OFF control. P-I-D Control. Control s)'stem components: servomotor, stepper motors, Transient Response Analysis of First and Second order system, Time Domain specifications. Step response of second (order system. . Classification of control systems according to 'TYPE' of systems, steady-state errors , static error constants, steady state, analysis of different type of systems using step. ramp and parabolic inputs.. Stability analysis: Introduction to concepts of stability. The Routh and Hurwitz stability criteria. Relative stability analysis. Root locus concepts. Frequency Response, Analysis Frequency: Frequency domain specification Correlation between time 1I1d frequency response. Polar Plots. Bode Plots, Nyquist Plots,


Module 05


Module 06


List of Experiments: (At least 6 experiments from the list given below) 1. Study of basic principles of sensing and actuation techniques used in Mechatronics systems 2. Study of Electro-pneumatic Logic Trainer kit, and experiments on Electro Pneumatic circuits 3. Study of Electro-hydraulic Logic Trainer kit, and experiments on Electro hydraulic circuits 4. Experiments on Ladder programming for Mechatronics system (e.g. bottle filling plant) . 5. Experiments on interfacing of Mechanical system 6. Experiments on feedback control systems and servomechanisms 7. Experiments using Microprocessor kits, ADC/DAC on voltage Measurements. 8. Experimental Identification by frequency response approach of Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical system 9. Experimental Identification of flexural mechanism, Development of transfer function based on experimentally identified data, Stability analysis of predicted transfer function, and PID tuning and implementation on experimental setup 10. Experiment based on Waveform generation, Interfacing and control of motors etc. (Institutes shall use standard setup like VIKERS hydraulic and electrohydrolic test rigs, FESTO pneumatic and electro-pneumatic test-rig, d space microcontroller system etc. for carrying out experiments) Theory Examination: 1. Question paper will comprise of total seven question, each of 20 Marks 2. Question one will be compulsory and based on maximum part of syllabus. 3. Remaining questions will be mixed in nature (for example supposed Q.2 has part (a) from module 3 then part (b) will be from any module other than module 3) 4. Only five question need to be solved. In question paper weight age of each module will be proportional to number of respective lecture hours as mentioned in the syllabus. Practical Examination: Practical examination will be based on one experiment performed from the list of experiment given in tile...
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