Mechatronic Engineer

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-------------------------Rohan’s part---------------------------------------------- Headphones are a duo of small loudspeakers that are designed to be held in close proximity to the operator’s ears. Their primary function is to allow audio to be played directly from these loudspeakers to the user’s ears allowing individuals to keep a certain amount of personal privacy whilst enjoying/working in public and simultaneously reducing/blocking surrounding ambient noises. They are powered through an external power source, which also provides the audio current which is transformed into sound energy. Headphones either utilize wires for connection to the signal source (e.g. radio, mobile phones or portable media player), or have a wireless receiver which picks up signal without the need for a cable. They have also been designed to be user-friendly and safe. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------Kevin’s part----------------------------------------------------

The headphone operates via the oscillation of a mounted coil submerged in a small magnetic field. When an electric current is passed, the induced movement in the coil will vibrate in accordance to the current and produce sound. The magnets must be designed a specific strength and produce a certain amount of magnetic flux such that it can operate within the variable volume range. The coil itself and the wires which attach the main speaker cones in the headset to the power source must be made of a ductile, conductive material. It needs to be moderately ductile such that it does not fracture as stress is applied to it via induction.

The diaphragm is attached to the coil and oscillates inside a cone. Here the changing air pressures vibrate the surrounding air generating what we perceive as sound. As such, it is imperative that the diaphragm be made of a material durable enough to withstand cyclical fatigue...
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