Mechanisation and Human Life

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Mechanisation and Human Life
Exercise 1
Mechanisation is providing human operators with machinery that assists them with the muscular requirements of work or displaces muscular work. In some fields, mechanization includes the use of hand tools. In modern usage, such as in engineering or economics, mechanization implies machinery more complex than had tools and would not include simple devices such as an un-geared horse or donkey mill. Automation/Mechanisation has had a notable impact in a wide range of industries beyond manufacturing (where it began). Once-ubiquitous telephone operators have been replaced largely by automated telephone switchboards and answering machines. Medical processes such as primary screening in electrocardiography or radiography and laboratory analysis of human genes, sera, cells, and tissues are carried out at much greater speed and accuracy by automated systems. Automated teller machines have reduced the need for bank visits to obtain cash and carry out transactions. In general, automation has been responsible for the shift in the world economy from industrial jobs to service jobs in the 20th and 21st centuries. My friend, who worked in the field of publishing, told me that a lot of jobs are gone, many in layout and production, since computers do layout and design faster and more accurately. Here’s just a glimpse of how much the world is changing around us. * Use of Electronic Computer in the world increased from 0 in 1960 to more than 1.6 million in 1988. * Robots were an absolute rare in 1970’s but in 1990 more than 75 thousand robots were in operation. * Industrial microcomputers in US rose from 0 in 1977 to 3 million in 1985. Q1Will Robots/Automation/Mechanisation spoil our lives?

Q2Will Robots/Automation/Mechanisation ingest human jobs?
Q3What will be the impact of Robots/Automation/Mechanisation on Human Life? Exercise 2
Fear of Mechanisation/Automation
Early production machinery, such as the glass bottle blowing...
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