Mechanical Testing of Materials

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  • Published: September 20, 2012
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Experiment 2
A Characterization of Cast Iron, 1045 Annealed and Cold-Rolled Steel, 2024-T4 Aluminum, PMMA, and PP through Tensile, Impact, and Fracture-Toughness Tests. Aibar Nurmukhanov
MSE 308, Section AB3
Date Due: 02/23/2012
Date Received: _________

The experiment observed the mechanical deformation process of different materials by three tests: tensile test, impact test, and fracture-toughness test. The materials evaluated in the tensile test were annealed 1045 steel, cold rolled 1045 steel, 2024-T4 aluminum and cast iron. 2024-T4 aluminum is concluded to be most ductile (25.7 % reduction in area) and cast iron the most brittle (123 MPa). Effects of cold rolling in 1045 steel are apparent, as it has the highest strength among the materials tested (402 MPa yield strength). Impact test measured the impact energy of 1045 steel, 2024 aluminum, polypropylene (PP), and poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA). This test also observed the effect of temperature on material ductility. The fracture-toughness test was performed on 2024-T4 aluminum to determine a KIC of 35.3 MPam. From the experiment, it was found that the brittle-ductile transition temperature of PP is between 0 0C and room temperature, whereas the transition temperature of 1045 steel is between 25 0C and 100 0C.

The foundation of Materials Science lies in characterization of a material’s properties. Among those properties the greatest interest lies in the strength of materials, being the most basic requirement for any kind of construction. This lab aims first to describe the strength of 1045 annealed and cold-rolled steel, 2024-T4 aluminum, and cast iron through tensile testing. This includes characterization of yield strengths, modulus of elasticity, ultimate tensile strength, and fracture strength for each material. An emphasis is placed on elastic-plastic deformation in terms of ductility and how temperature and fatigue can affect this transition. Elastic and plastic...
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