Mechanical Product Design

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Question 1
Present about the roles of 3D modelling and Computer Aided Design technologies in Design and Product Development at the following DPD phases: 1. Concept design , embodiment design and detail design

2. Manufacturing
3. Dimensional inspection
4. Marketing

What is 3D modelling?
Technically 3D means the objects that are constructed on three planes(x, y,z). 3D modelling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any three dimensional surface of object with the help of specialized software .The product is called 3D model.

There are three popular ways to represent a 3D model:
1. Polygonal modelling: points in 3D space, called vertices, are connected by line segment to form a polygonal mesh. The vast majority of £d models today are built as textured polygonal models, because they are flexible and because computers can render them so quickly. 2. Curve modelling: surfaces are defined by curves, which are influenced by weighted control points the curve follows the points. 3. Digital sculpting-still a fairly new method of modelling, 3D sculpting has become very popular in the few short years it has been around.

There are number of modelling technique, including
* Constructive solid geometry
* Implicit surfaces
* Subdivision surfaces

Modelling can be performed by means of dedicated programs like: * Cinema 4D
* Form Z
* Maya
* Solid works
And many more……………

What is Computer Aided Design?
Computer aided design is the use of computer systems to assist in the creation, modification, analysis or optimization of a describes the process of creating a technical drawing with the use of computer software. CAD software is used to increase the productivity of the designer, improve the quality of design, improve communications through documentation, and to create database for manufacturing .CAD output is often in the form of electronic files for print or machining operations.

What is the role of 3D modelling in the design and product development phases 1. Concept design , embodiment design and detail design
3D models are very useful and helpful during the above mentioned is very useful in creating a prototype of a product. A 3D model is created from a simple 2D sketch or drawing, allowing the 3D maker to manipulate the model without having to redraw or changing to different views. 2. Manufacturing

The soft-copy data stored in computer of a 3D model can be sent directly to factory or manufacturing units enabling a company to automate the machines on an assembly line and produce the product with high amount of accuracy. 3. Dimensional inspection

Some 3D modelling software permits the companies to show their products size in relation to other known objects. Companies can stack their products up against different objects and provide real scale to determine how large or small the product has to be. 4. Marketing

3D models can be very useful while marketing showing the customers the detailed features of the product. This will help the customer to get more information of the product regarding shape and size of the product and by this way 3D model can play a vital role in marketing.

Question 2
1) Explain why there are different CAD interfaces or CAD data formats and present the importance of CAD interfaces in DPD? 2) Present about an investigation of the CAD interfaces between AutoCAD and Solidworks for 2D and 3D modelling applications.

CAD interfaces
A CAD interface is connecting the SAP system to external applications such as CAD, pDM and GIS. This enables your designers to access data in the production system and uses this information in their work-information on existing materials and assemblies, for examples. Since data can be transferred between the CAD system and the SAP system in both directions, inconsistency of the data in the two systems is avoided. Unlike the old drawing board as a...
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