Mechanical Engineering Career Paper

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Career Paper
December 15, 2011
Mechanical Engineering
According to projected job employment in the year, 2018, mechanical engineering will have an estimated quarter of a million jobs nationwide. This is an increase of roughly 6% between 2008 and 2018. As the need for better, more economical necessities, a need for mechanical engineers will always be on the uplift. Many mechanical engineers “research, design, develop, manufacture, and test tools, engines, machines, and other mechanical devices.” (Bureau, 4). This branch, within the engineering field, happens to be the broadest category. Mechanical engineers are seen throughout all aspects of life, from agricultural production to maintenance of engines of cars and machines.

With mechanical engineering, most people will be stationed in an office building/manufacturing facility. Others will have the benefit of traveling to job sites to see what their team needs to design for the specific company. A normal, typical work week would consist of working a total of forty hours. This, however, would change if the company was on a tight time schedule to get something produced for someone. Only then will the average mechanical engineer work more than forty hours a week. “We also spend time working with engineers in manufacturing and design to plan design iterations and product fixes that can be made quickly and cheaply.” (Camenson, 85). Mechanical engineering is, “…very much a “people-person” job.” (Camenson, 90). Everything written down in logbooks will be subject to engineer scrutiny, and that would look bad on the source’s end. If mechanical engineers were to write/draw something that could take different meanings, for example, an ink blot, this could cause a serious setback in how you go about your future in mechanical engineering. If the offense is serious enough, it could cost someone their job. This shows that you must be careful in how you go about your job in that you don’t know who’s going to see your drawings. Women, in the field of mechanical engineering are at a disadvantage when it comes to comparing men to women. Women are more content to gossiping in the office instead of working on their job. “Patience is essential. You have to check most of your ego at the door when you walk into a meeting you’ve called, but retain enough leadership skills to keep the meeting focused on its objectives.” (Camenson, 90). This quote accurately describes one of the challenges that women have while working in this field. I can be a witness to this when I went on my job shadow. There were few females working and the ones that did would do little and chit-chat with one another for great lengths of time. When it comes to men, they dominate the field in that they “outnumber women by a ratio of 3:1” (Bureau, 16). Men can be more communicative with one another during meetings as I witnessed also. Men, as I saw, were more scrutinizing during meetings but they were subtle about it. One thing of advice, “Learn how to speak in front of a group. It doesn’t matter if the only chance you get is talking to high schoolers about not drinking and driving- that counts, and probably more than giving a lecture on acoustics or materials technology.” (Camenson, 94). To sum things up, working in the field of mechanical engineering is highly competitive, be careful what you design, you don’t know who could see it, and that women are at a disadvantage for various reasons when being compared to men in the field. When it comes to mechanical engineering, a detailed course study of engineering and physics is necessary if you are to want to “make it big” in the field. For just about any field of engineering, especially mechanical, “a bachelor’s degree in engineering is necessary.” (Bureau,...
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