Mechanical Enggering

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The Marcet boiler is a device that is used for the understanding of the basic properties of saturated steam to superheated steam.
Figure 1.1: The Marcet Boiler
The given apparatus was developed for investigating the relationship between the pressure and temperature of saturated steam, in equilibrium with water. The data is then tabulated so that the results can be observed. Initially, the discovery of this phenomenon is founded by Rudolf Clausius, a German physicist that was a thermodynamics power icon. In this experiment, we will further discover the properties of steam, superheated steam and its relation to pressure. OBJECTIVES

To determined the relationship between Pressure and Temperature of saturated steam in equilibrium with water. PROCEDURES
1.The valve M was open and a water supply hose was connected to it. The supply was shut off when the water starts to flow out from the overflow valve M. 2.Water was allowed to flow out.
3.When the boiler drain out 3 liter of water to the tray provided, the valve M was closed. 4.Mercury in glass thermometer was placed into the thermometer well. 5.The power supply was switched ON.

6.The water starts to boil and generated steam for 10-30 minute. 7.As the temperature start to build up, the reading of pressure against temperature was taken. 8.When pressures relieve valve blows off steam, the electrical power supply was switched OFF. 9.The Marcet Boiler was allowed to cool by itself.

10.A reading was taken when the pressure and temperature were dropping. 11.The temperature was converted into degrees Kelvin.
12.A graph of temperature against pressure was plotted.
The Apparatus

Figure 1.1: Marcet Boiler Apparatus
Table 1.1: Data Collection
Pressure (bar)Temperature °C
(Pressure Increasing)°KTemperature °C
(Pressure Decreasing)°K
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