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  • Published : January 26, 2015
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Are We Heading to a (Mostly) Meatless Monday?
Helping people to reduce their meat consumption and improve their personal health, a non-profit initiative associated with John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is administering a world-wide movement called “Meatless Monday”. This movement is now active in 36 countries and increasingly growing. Reducing your meat intake once a week can improve the overwhelming 45%, which is above USDA standards, of most chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. It also helps preserve consumption of fresh water and fossil fuel. Studies have shown that Monday’s are the kick start to a positive mind set and initiate change to follow through. Starting on Monday is also a reminder that won’t be easily missed and place focus on constant comments, such as “I’ll start on Monday”. With skyrocketing prices for beef and pork, Meatless Mondays also helps consumers to save on grocery bills as well as preserve the environment. Companies like Butterball offers less cholesterol and fat and pricing is very competitive. By utilizing more turkey products for restaurants, it allows chefs to get more creative and enhance their menus with more versatility and choices towards healthier eating. Most consumers are jumping on board for Meatless Mondays mainly for health reasons; benefit of savings on household food and animal welfare. Consumers enjoy savings to their pockets, so Meatless Mondays can definitely start trending to Tuesday, Wednesday’s as well. According to recent studies, red meat sales continue to grow at a rate of 9% since 2008. This just shows elevated pricing not necessarily that consumers are showing more interest. The market will continue to show consumers turning away from red meat for healthier choices and of course cost savings to their budget. Consumers will still get their protein just from a different source and reports indicate that poultry is constantly growing whereas they...
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