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A summary of “MySpace not Responsible for Predators”

The essay “MySpace Not Responsible for Predators” by Kevin Alexander made the claim in the case 14-year-old girl v. Solis, the internet should not be blamed for the things that happened to this girl. The girl was competent of what she was doing when she was meeting with a 19-year-old boy.A mother filed a lawsuit against MySpace, stating that MySpace’s lack of age verification allowed a 19-year-old man, Pete Solis, to lie about his age and contact her daughter. Where he convinced the daughter to meet with him; he took her to do dinner, a movie, and after raped her. The 30 million dollar lawsuit and the claim, stated by Adam Loewey, the family’s lawyer, “MySpace is more concerned with making money than protecting children online,”(119) was quickly rebuked by Alexander. He stated that MySpace was not a babysitting business but rather a business, that making money was the intention of the website. Thwarting naïve children or dementing people can happen anywhere, video games, music, and through television. It all came back to the mother not warning the daughter of predators, not monitoring the use of the internet, and allowing the daughter to physically meet a 19-year-old man. The author said that the girl should be held responsible and supported his claim by going back to psychology and stating that at 14, a girl is capable of calculating her own risks, she could have prevented it. There are 80 million users and only 3 cases of molestation have hit the courts. There is a waiver you must agree and sign, stating that MySpace isn’t responsible for the conduct on or offline. There are tons of predators out there and there are tons of waiting victims. Its unknown which ones are more dangerous.
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