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Raheem Brown
U.S Government
The Federal Meat Inspection Act of 1906
The Federal meat inspection act of 1906 was created because of the unhealthy production of meat that was taking place in that time. During this era people became ill because of the poor manufacturing of dead animals meat. The unhealthy production is the reason President Theodore Roosevelt brought forth the Federal Meat Inspection Act of 1906, ( According to (, the primary goals of the law are to prevent adulterated or misbranded livestock and products from being sold as food. It also ensures that meat and meat products are slaughtered and processed under sanitary conditions. The act also required cleanliness standards for slaughter houses or any other establishments that produced processed meat. There were animals which were examined by veterinarians that were found with diseases after being killed. June 30th of 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt had signed the Meat Inspection Act. It was first initiated by Senator Beveridge of Indiana. The Meat Inspection Act brought the following reforms to the processing of cattle, sheep, horses, swine and goats destined for human consumption. All animals were required to pass an inspection by the U.S. Drug Administration prior to slaughter, for all carcasses, there had to be an inspection. Cleanliness standards were brought forth for slaughterhouses and processing plants. President Roosevelt got the idea for the federal meat inspection act from a book he read called “The Jungle” which was written by “mukeracker” Upton Sinclair. In this book Sinclair wrote about the dangerous working conditions, filthy processing plants, and meat products contaminated ( When the jungle was first published there were over 150 million copies that were sold. It became an international best seller and was published in 17 different languages...
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