Meat Industry

Topics: Meat packing industry, Cattle, Escherichia coli Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: May 12, 2011
Organizational Behavior
Extra Credit #2
The movie that I chose to write about is called Modern Meat and it is produced by frontline. The movie exposes the truth about the history of our meat and diseases. The movie explains how the united states meat industry was dramatically change in the early 19 50s to increase productivity as well as profit. This process would have continued if it wasn’t for the big outbreak that got the public’s attention. The outbreak that was an e coli outbreak occurred in 1993; this outbreak distributed infected meat through a fast food chain called Jack in the box. The reason this radicalized the industry is because before this food poisoning was considered to only cause stomach aches and minor symptoms but in this outbreak had four fatal casualties which were children and affected nearly 700 people. In the 1950s the American beef industry started changing the diet of cattle feeding them corn instead of feeding them grass. This change had tremendous effects on the cows they grew much faster. This effect made the cow breeders a lot of money because it mean less turnover time from the time the cattle is born until they are killed and sold. Cows that are fed grass grow to a maturity rate where they get killed at the age of about four or five years old. Cows that are fed corn are fully grown and killed at the age of fourteen months. This change in industry has been very profitable but at the cost of the cows health and digestion. The corn affects the cow’s digestion because cow’s digestion is built to digest grass not corn. The second big change in the industry that occurred in the 1950s was in the movement of cows from green pastures to feeding lots. The problem with the feeding lots is that the cows are forced to live in manure they sleep walk all over manure. Feed lots increase the ability of microorganism to be passed from cow to cow. In these feed lots it estimated that up to ¼ of cows have e coli bacteria in their...
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