Measuring Customer Satisfaction

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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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Measuring Customer Satisfaction


I would like to start from this quote:
“Customer satisfaction is an important goal you're striving for in any project. If your customer is satisfied, it means you've met or exceeded their expectations and delivered the product or service they were expecting. Measuring customer satisfaction can be done through quality management, which in part is concerned with making sure that customer requirements are met. This is done through understanding, evaluating, defining, and managing customer and stakeholder expectations.” In my opinion customer satisfaction starts from the moment an individual decides to use a product /service from a company, since the very first time the customer is greeted at the entrance of a store or that very first time they call for information, even by the way a product looks in a shelf. Creating a very good impression among customers is key to organizations since it is cheaper to maintain an existing customer than it is to find new ones. Also it is easier for an organization to know or find the customer’s needs in order to design or implement the correct customer relationship management tool that best fits its customer needs. In order to perform customer satisfaction at its best, these are the best practices to perform customer satisfaction as noted in our textbook (Evans and Linday P. 191): * Identify the most important customer groups and markets, considering competitors and other potential customers, and segment the customer base to better meet differing needs. * Understand both near-term and longer-term customer needs and expectations (the “voice of the customer”) and employ systematic processes for listening and learning from customers, potential customers, and customers of competitors to obtain actionable information about products and customer support. * Understand the linkages between the voice of the customer and design, production, and delivery processes; and use...
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