Measures of Personality Research

Topics: Personality tests, Personality psychology, Psychometrics Pages: 3 (666 words) Published: May 12, 2008
Measures of Personality Research
All Industries are faced with a pool of applicants must implement a good selection process to be able to hire the best person for the position. One way to select from a pool of applicants is by using psychological measurements such as personality test. Personality tests are deemed essential for industries to check suitability to the job. There are numbers of personality test now being used by industries such as Gordon Personal Preference Inventory and 16 Personality Factors.

Gordon Personal Profile Inventory (GPPI) is a personality test that measures the eight traits of the personality of an individual. GPP-I is developed by Leonord V. Gordon and is seen to have reliability and validity which is very important for any psychological test. GPP-I has internal consistency, test-retest reliability co-efficient higher than 0.80 and construct validity. GPP-I is suitable for almost all people since it contains norms that are compatible for high school students, college students, adults, managers, sales representatives and executives. It is a combination of two personality test which are Gordon Personal Profile which measure 4 aspects of personality specifically ascendancy, responsibility, emotional stability and sociability, and Gordon Personal Inventory which also measures 4 different aspects of personality which are cautiousness, original thinking, personal relations and vigor. GPP-I measures these eight (8) personality traits assesses the candidates personality based competencies that are predictors of success in a variety of occupations.

The test contains four choices where the respondents will review and rate it as either one being most like themselves, and one as being least like them. Scores are interpreted by adding scores in each scale. Scores are interpreted based on how high or how low it is for each scale.

With these characteristics, GPP-I was proven to be very useful in selecting the right person for the job. This...
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