Measures of Love in Society

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Measures of Love in Society

Love is an unbreakable bond that keeps a drive of compassion in all of our hearts. Love is a necessity, and while it may also be considered a luxury, sometimes it is overlooked, or written off as impracticable. Everyone seeks the feeling and situation to love and be loved in return. This is a topic of controversy all over the world and throughout every relationship. The topic lends itself to many social psychological phenomena. The argument of what love might be is comprised of having much to do with an attractive pull between two individuals. Society has adapted to the pulls of trending and attraction of circumstances.

The three main components of love – intimacy, passion, and commitment – are the structural building blocks of all relations and correspondence. Dean Peter Salovey lectures on intimacy as a description of “the feeling of closeness, of connectedness with someone, of bonding.”1 Intimacy in relation to family and education are relatively similar. However, differences are easily identified. In a family structure, we trust and know that confiding in a family member is natural. However, intimacy in the education system has become more obvious in society today.

Most students today will confide in a certain teacher or even a certain peer. We, as the student body, will turn to each other to find help. We will also seek certain adults – professors, teachers, or administrators – for assistance. Confidentiality exerts a major role in the way we choose to share information, or seek help, and with whom. A student is demonstrating an intimacy act by trusting a teacher to help them and not publicize their need. Intimacy is not to get confused with sexual relations. Rather, intimacy is the willingness to trust, to bond, and to share information that you would not readily share with anyone else. This does not mean we are in love with our teacher's or peers, it simply means there is a connection between educator and the one being...
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