Measurement and Data Collection

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Yarragon Visitors Survey

Dear visitor to Yarragon – we’d like your help to know a little more about why people travel to Yarragon Village and their experiences during the visit. This will help us to provide an even better experience on your next visit.

We’d be grateful if you would spend a few minutes completing the following questions.

1. What is your usual place of residence?Town/ suburb _________ ; Postcode _________

Country (if outside Australia) _______________

2. Why did you visit Yarragon today? Please circle answers below - multiple answers possible:

Rest stop during trip| To visit friends or relatives| Consume food and beverage| Leisure activity (e.g., walking)| | | | |
Shopping| View arts or galleries| Sightseeing| Sports event| | | | |
On business| Other reasons – please list: ___________ ___________ _____________|

3. Is this your first visit to Yarragon? Please circle: Yes (go to question 5) No (go to next question)

4. How often do you visit Yarragon? Please circle:

WeeklyMonthlyOnce a yearEvery few years

5. From where did your trip start today? _______________ For example, from home or other location

6. Where will your trip finish today?_______________ For example, from home or other location

7. Was visiting Yarragon Village the primary purpose of this trip? Yes or No Please circle

8. What transportation brought you to Yarragon today? Please circle answers below:

Self-driveCommercial bus or coachTrainOther (please specify) ___________

9. Who are you travelling with today? Please circle answers below:

Alone (go to question 11)Spouse or partnerFamilyFriends.

10. How many are in your travel group? _______ How many in the group are aged less than 16 years? _______

11. How long do you expect to stay in Yarragon today? Please circle answer below:

Less than 1 hour| Between 1 and 3 hours...
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