Measure of Genius

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Measure of a Genius
Genius is a word which has different meanings. A genius is a person who has natural ability to use a higher mental capacity in uniquely creative or inventive ways. This ability is said to be given by Gods, which enable a person with the gifts to think abstractly. A genius conceptualizes ideas on a deeper level than that of an average thinker, giving him or her means to formulate ideas or solutions to problems that would otherwise be overlooked. In Burro Genius, written by the author Victor Villasenor where Joseph who is Victor’s brother, can be seen as a Genius, in the way that he uses his knowledge and to watch over Victor (the author). In the story, Victor’s Brother Joseph tells to Victor that not to judge Mexican people. “‘We aren’t dirty’, he said laughing. ‘To be dirty mean you never wash. We wash our clothes and take baths all the time. It’s just that people that live on a ranch get dirty on themselves’”(84). This quote shows how Joseph uses his knowledge to explain to Victor that Mexicans must be labeled as dirty but it just means that they are the hardest working people around. Another quote which explains the first statement “‘Because we’re ranchers, ‘said my brother. ‘We’re not city people’”(84). In this quote Joseph is furthering explaining to Victor that the reason why their clothes are always dirty is because they are ranchers who work on a ranch in the middle of dirt. That is the reason why Mexicans people have their clothes dirty. It’s clear that Joseph is smart and wants his little brother to become as smart as well. Joseph teaches Victor not to use bad words and to use smart words instead. In the book there is a situation where Joseph is pointing out Victor when he is using bad words which are not appropriate. That moment is illustrated in this conversation “‘I’ll be damn! ’ I said. ‘Don’t you use that word again,’ said my brother. ‘You’ve said it, I think, three times since we’ve been talking.’ ‘What word?’ “‘Damn.” ‘I...
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