Measurable Organizational Value

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The Desired Area of Impact: First and foremost, our interest is in helping Husky Air in their Operational flow. Improvement of operations describes maintaining a system that will create a lowered cost and overall improvement in task completion. Since Husky Air's current system has proven to be less-than useful for the changing demands of today's electronic-focused world, our new system will focus on improving their operations. Our next concern is the improvement of the Strategic element of their business. To expand and grow, a company should move forward technologically regularly. Companies that don't use computerization in their business plan are prone to being market-starved against companies that will. Tying into this, improving the Strategic area will improve the financial area as well. With improved growth, a company would naturally see an increase in revenue. Plus with the reduced cost of maintaining a lower profile file management system, profit margin will also see an increase. Customer relations will likely improve with a more streamlined file system as entering and retrieving data will allow for quicker turnaround times and improved accuracy. Finally, we can examine the improvement for Social concerns. However, the focal point of this project is to improve the Operational concerns of the company as that is where we will see the largest benefit.

Desired Value of the IT Project: As the focus of the project is to improve operations, in general we are trying to lower time taken to handle requests for data entry or retrieval. With a non-database system, much time and energy is lost in trying to maintain and use data. Using physical data storage requires a manual organization system and having to peruse through file cabinets or bookshelves of paperwork to find one piece of information or enter a new piece of information is inefficient in today's computerized society. As such, in the interest of making a more effective operation for Husky Air,...
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