Meanings of Intelligence and Adapative Behavior

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Meanings of Intelligence and Adaptive Behavior
Nidar Church
Grand Canyon University
February 09, 2013

Meanings of Intelligence and Adaptive Behavior
Intelligence and adaptive behavior are used when determining which students are struggling to learn in effort to provide the educational programming they may need to succeed in school. May students enter into school without being diagnosed; often students become diagnosed when they are in school. Assessment is given to see some of the services that a student with ID might need to be able to learn to their full potential. There are many different assessments and picking the appropriate one make a real difference when educating students with intellectual disabilities. Threw assessments we can help the many different perceptions of people when it come to teaching students with ID (intellectual disability). Intelligence and Adaptive Behavior:

Intelligence refers to common mental ability applied by individuals in reasoning, calculating and in learning new information. It also entails general mental capacity to store and effectively retrieve information, and adjust in new information as well in fluency in language use. ID is characterized by intellectual functioning which falls below average. The condition is accompanied with limitations in adaptive skills such as communication, social and academic skills (Huberty & Koller & TenBrink 1980). Intelligence and adaptive behavior are needed and required for determining what students are struggling with to be able to provide the programs they may need to succeed in school as well as society. Adaptive behavior is defined as the effectiveness or degree with which the individual meets the standard of potential independence and social responsibilities expected of their age group. We have to take a real close look at the student to see where he/ she may be struggling in. For...
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