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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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How to make a SIM or Strategic Intervention Materials? First, lets us define what is a SIM...

SIM or Strategic Intervention Material refers to teaching aid introduced into the teaching methods to stimulate the activity of the students and thereby increasing their level of understanding.

Let us also define the wordIntervention, operationally as it was used in my research study, it means that the learning of the students is enhanced with the integration of the use of Strategic Intervention Materials (SIM) together with the use of Science IV (Physics) textbook.

The following are the different Parts of the SIM called Cards:

1.Guide Card
2.Activity Card
3.Assessment Card
4.Enrichment Card
5.Reference Card
The description of each part/card is given below under the

Guide in Developing and Reviewing Strategic Intervention Materials (SIM):

Guide Card
1. Gives a preview of what students will learn.
2. Stimulates interest in the topic.
3. Presents the focus skills.
a. Mentions the learning competency (LC).
b. States at least 3 sub-tasks (activities).
c. Builds on prior learning/ prerequisite skills.
d. Mentions the concrete outcome or product students are expected to demonstrate/ produce. 4. Cites briefly the activities.
5. Challenges the learner in performing the tasks.
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