Meaning of "Nothing Gold Can Stay" in the Outsiders

Topics: Robert Frost, Green, Linguistics Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: January 6, 2013
An Outsiders View of “Nothing Gold Can Stay”
By: Hailey Holdren

Pony introduces a Robert Frost poem to Johnny called “Nothing Gold Can Stay” that becomes a very symbolic theme throughout the book “The Outsiders”. The poem was always something that stuck with Pony because he never understood what it meant. Although the meaning keeps eluding him, he continues to make the effort to understand it. The poem is a mere eight lines long yet the few words speak volumes as they relate to the story of “The Outsiders”.

The poem is referenced again at the end of the book when you read the letter Johnny wrote to Pony. He tells Pony that he knows what the poet means by "nothing gold can stay". Johnny is talking about innocence, childhood and purity. Johnny says that although Pony has grown in a world that's dirty and grimy he still managed to stay shiny and golden and he tells him to STAY GOLD!

The poem "Nothing gold can stay" relates to the life of Pony and Johnny throughout the story. Just like nothing in nature can stay new and fresh and beautiful forever, people can’t either. Everything changes over time. Nature changes and people change.

In the first line of the poem, "Nature's first green is gold", I think of a fresh spring where all of the light green color and flowers sprouting on the trees is beautiful. In “The Outsider’s” this is symbolic to the childhood innocence of the boys before struggles, gangs and heartache were around. This was a time when everything was golden, or beautiful. Johnny’s life was carefree and happy until the night he got beat up.

The poem talks about how innocence and good thing do not last. Life may seem perfect one moment and then it goes away. However, even though the great times come to an end, they will be followed by more and more great things. It means that all things are going to change eventually, like people, seasons and nature. I think that in “The Outsiders”, the gold referenced in Robert...
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