Meaning of Life and Mental Toughness

Topics: Meaning of life, Education, Community Pages: 4 (1599 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Before I even came to Fairfield Prep, I did not even know of the school. I did not even hear of such a place. I learned about it through my friend who had gone to the school the year before me. What sparked my mind about going to Fairfield Prep was the fact that my friend was a kind, smart, well rounded person. I grew up with him and he was my neighbor. I looked up to him as a person and tried my best to follow in his footsteps because he was a leader. Following in his footsteps helped me to make my decision about going to Fairfield Prep. My parents thought this would be a new environment in which I would be able to grow as a person. At first I thought that they were crazy and had no idea what they were talking about. My parents then scheduled a shadow day for me so that I would be able to see through the eyes of a Fairfield Prep student. After experiencing my shadow day at Fairfield prep I had many things to think about. Would this school be a good fit? Would I make new friends? Would I fit in? Would I grow as a person? These questions ran throughout my head. In the end of it all; I had made my decision, and I would attend Fairfield Prep. Attending Fairfield Prep would be the first step for me to grow. As a senior now I knew that coming to Fairfield Prep was the best decision for me. Fairfield Prep has helped me through the good and the bad moments of life in general and life in high school. Being the athlete that I am I decided to try out for the freshman football team. Not knowing I would be on this team for the next four years, I went out there on the field and did all that I could. Trying out for the football team was one of the better decisions in my life at Fairfield prep. The reason being, I would make new friends, learn new lessons, and become a new person as a whole. By trying out for the football team I would have the advantage of meeting people before school even started. These people would then become my friends throughout the years. The friends...
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