Meaning of Life and Death

Topics: Meaning of life, Albert Camus, Existentialism Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Nonfiction Assignment Sheet

(Complete one of these sheets after reading each article. Remember; two complete well thought-out sentences are required for each answer)

Name: Christopher Wedwick Date: 2/4/13
Title of Article: Death and Absurdism in Camus’s “The Stranger”

Written by: Richard Penner Publication date: Spring 1979

1. Factual summary: write a short summary of the piece you read.
The author summarizes the novel and how death relates to Meursault. He says that Meursault never really felt any emotion until he was before his execution. Then he starts to value life.

2. How does this piece relate to the novel we are reading?
This piece relates to “The Stranger” because Penner talks about the whole book. He summarizes the novel and talks about how death and absurdism is incorporated into it.

3. Interpretation: what was the main point the author wanted you to get from his work?
The author wanted to persuade readers that “The Stranger” by Camus incorporates death and absurdism into the entirety of the novel. He says that the book would not be the same without the inclusion of death and absurdism.

4. Which points of the piece did you agree or find easy to accept? Why?
It was easy to accept that “The Stranger” did have death and absurdism throughout. It is evident in the parts that the class read so far and it seems to be evident throughout the rest of the novel.

5. With which points of the piece did you disagree or find difficult to believe or understand? Why?
I disagreed with the author saying that someone finds value in life in the face of death. I disagree with that because people can find their meaning in life and understand that life is limited without the thought of death lingering near. People can understand how valuable life is without the thought of death always in their mind.

6. Personal response: What do you think about this piece and how does this piece influence your ideas?
I think that this piece is very...
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