Meaning of Chinese Symbols "Negotiation"

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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If we will right in Chinese symbols “Negotiation” you can see four symbols which divided into two groups which are “talk” and “decision”. At that “talk” is on the first place in the drawing and “decision” just after. For my point of view it is very good way to show the main principle and nature of negotiation because all conversations we start from talk to each other and without talk negotiation is not possible. As result of talk we finally should come to decision which is as well result of any negotiation. Decision is essential result of any conversation, because if we will not achieve decision all our efforts don’t make any sense. Both above listed parts are very important in negotiation and success of it depends from correct balance between first and second. Afterwards both groups divided into separate symbols. Inside “decision group” you can see such symbols as: half and knife to cut. Let’s describe that more explicit. -HALF. Originally right decision is 50:50 balances for both partners inside bargain. Finally off course that proportion depends from specific conditions and administrative leverage. But if bread buttered from both sides each party receive equivalent benefit from negotiation decision. -KNIFE TO CUT. If you want to get HALF you need to cut “pie” it and without knife is not possible. For me this image means that all involved inside conversation should have own “knife” an use it for achieving result. For anyone this “knife” is different. For someone is very strong emotional component for another is good logical skills or ability to threat. As well very good to compare this element with knife because it very dangerous and effective weapon and if you will use in right way you will obtain excellent results but any mistake can destroy all process. “Talk group” consist of seven symbols which are “one party”, ”two parties”, “mouth”, “fire”, “too much fire”. We will observe deeply three of them FIRE. Here I guess means emotional part of...
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