Meaning of Birds in The Windhover and The Oven Bird

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  • Published : April 9, 2011
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The sonnet, “The Windhover” by Gerard Manley Hopkins and the sonnet, “The Oven Bird” by Robert Frost uses birds as their subject of comparison; however, these sonnets contains different hidden meanings by the content, the way the two poets present the sonnets, and the way the narrator observe the birds. Hopkins is a Jesuits, as we take his family background into account, we can argue that “The Windhover” is a sonnet that describes Jesus by using the characteristics of the windhover, and the way the narrator sees the windhover. “The Oven bird” on the other hand, is a sonnet that describes the sounds made by the oven bird, which leads to the change in seasons and the question of life, death.

The content of “The Windhover” contains imagery about the windhover that seems comparable to the characteristics of Jesus. The observer describes the bird as “dauphin”, the [1]heir to French throne, which is the same as Jesus Christ who is the only son of God. Hopkins describes the way the windhover flies and controls the wind, which is similar to a nobleman rides steadily on a horse and expressing a sense of holiness and mightiness. Whereas, the windhover swoops down from the sky, it is described as a plowman instead of the nobleman that symbolize for Jesus; when Jesus was in the heaven, he is almighty God, after God sent Jesus to the earth, he becomes a ordinary man who was born in a manger. When the bird swoops down from the sky, it produces and imagery of embers breaking apart and sparkles; and it is also like ploughs the field and the rich soil appears. All the wonderful things occur when the bird descends. As the bird gradually approaches the surface, it is like fire that fall down which there is an [2]analogy to windhover. The phoenix dies by fire and it reborn. After Jesus died on the cross, [3]one the soldiers pierced Jesus’ side with a spear to ensure he is dead. Christ gashed and rise from the dead. Hopkins uses the bird to praise Jesus Christ and describe...
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