Meaning of Abuse and Discipline

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Have you ever thought about what the words abuse and discipline truly mean? Discipline is meant to teach someone something not to hurt them. Some people take them as if they are the same or similar thing. Actually they are very different in many ways. Some ways you may think you are disciplining your child or someone but it actually turns into abuse. For example, disciplining someone while angry or to use your hand and not an object, and you shouldn’t have to question yourself if you have went too far afterwards.

To begin with, when you become angry, your child or someone might do something wrong or you finally are fixing to hit your “boiling point” you need to take a deep breath and count to ten. You should never attempt to discipline someone when angry because then it could easily turn into abuse. You may end up getting out of hand. People should train their children to use proper behavior you can’t just raise them by letting them do whatever and then try to teach them better when they are older. Try to obtain the crisis before it arises.

Also, explain to them why you were disciplining them. They have to be old enough to understand why they are in trouble. If they are crying send them to their room don’t just hit them and give them something more to cry about. I once had a friend and her parents fought all of the time and she would try to help and her father would hit her instead of telling her to stay out of it or to go away. When she would try to talk with her mother about things she would slap her in the face. This is not the way people should be treated. Not now, not ever.

To add, if you choose to discipline them with contact use your hand. Do not try to use a belt or another object. By using your hand you can also feel the pain and know when to say okay I know they have had enough because you know how hard you have hit them. At that time is when the difference of training them and beating them come into play. Training is the most often missed...
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