Mean Girls: My Experience

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  • Published : January 28, 2008
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From what I've witnessed growing up, our society as shown to enjoy putting others down. In one of the articles I read, the author claims "both genders bully, but girls are better at it; they are more switched on to the advances of social interaction and use psychological forms that are harder to detect and easier to deny, and they can do it with a smile." The first time I actually witnessed this was in 7th grade, when my so-called best friend decided not to talk to me for 2 weeks. I had bought the same shirt as her. I was devastated because it was the first time I had ever really believed I had a real friend and it turned out it wasn't so real at all. Afterwards my parents tried to convince me not to be friends with her anymore claiming she was controlling and overbearing, but because I felt as if she was my only friend, I didn't listen and continued to be her master puppet. As I grew up I never was good with other children. In fact when I first moved here in 7th grade it was my first real chance to make friends. I was the kind of kid who if you said your favorite flavor was chocolate, and then I would say mine was too. But if you changed your mind to vanilla, I'd change my mind too. All I really wanted was to be accepted by the other kids. As I got older I continued to stay with the same group of friends. The same girls that would constantly harass me, call my cell phone repeatedly, and force me to eat alone in the lunchroom, and still, even then I felt like they were all I had. I remember sophomore year when I had gotten into a fight with the "queen bee" and I ended up being shunned by a group of 5 girls. I was forced to be my own friend for about a month after that, but soon after I was once again friends with them, blaming myself and proclaiming it was entirely my fault. Toward the end of that year I changed friends, friends who were into smoking, getting drunk, and whatever else they could get their grimy little hands on. I realized what a big problem drugs...
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