Mean Girls and Julius Caesar

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Julius Caesar Film vs Mean Girls

Julius Caesar is an extremely old and extremely famous play written by William Shakespeare around 1599. Shakespeare's plays are reflected in many movies and stories now a days and Julius Caesar is to famous that they even made thrice movies for the story. A movie that reflects the story of Julius Caesar is Mean Girls and it reflects the movie in many aspects you could think of, even though they do have some differences because the story slightly changes. How could we summarize the relationship between Julius Caesar and Mean Girls? Is Mean Girls an adaptation of Julius Caesar? Or is there no relationship among them? In my opinion, Mean Girls is an adaptation of Julius Caesar and these are my reasons of me believing the following.

I did see, just as I said before, a connection between Julius Caesar and Mean Girls. I think that the characters are similar. For example Cady would be like Brutus, because she was innocent at first, then she starts to change from pressure which she receives from Janice who symbolizes Cassius. After several talks with Janice, Cady started turning against Regina, just as Brutus did with Caesar. Regina was similar to Caesar because she was a person who was considered a tyrant by many, an example would be when they asked who had been offended by Regina and everyone raised their hand.

Starting with the characters, Regina George is Julius Caesar. We could argue this because Julius Caesar is the absolute ruler of Rome while Regina is like the popular queen of the school. They also encounter a movement against them, in JC a movie that tries to kill them and in MG a movement that causes Regina to stop being the popular queen of the school. They also have differences though, Regina was a really mean girl and in my opinion most people didn't really like her because she was mean, unlike Julius Caesar, he was a good ruler and people actually liked him, or at least they were...
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