Mean Girls Analysis

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  • Published : June 27, 2012
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The movie i got my parody from is Mean Girls. I have changed and transformed the title to Nasty Boys. I have used big bold white font to make it stand out. It is positioned on the top of the page to attract the audience. It is a teen comedy. The back ground is blue to represent boys. The central image is of Cody Heron, the main character with his white shirt unbuttoned and his pants sitting low. His body position looks like he is posing with his hands behind his head and his abs facing towards us, every girls dream guy. He has a fairly large tattoo on his hip reading godspeed. His face looks innocent but his body is extremely sexy. This image appeals to the ladies with his tanned skin, good looks and him wearing a white shirt unbuttoned but also appeals to the guys with his bad boy look. There is another image with the 3 other main guys shirtless on it, holding there t-shirts in their hands. There abs stand out heaps and they are really tanned. They look like bad boys with their poses and facial expression. I have a quote on the bottom of the poster from film critic in italic writing. I have the names of the actors on my poster with Cody Heron the main character in larger font. I have a tag line which is Bro’s Before Hoe’s so that gives the viewer a little bit about what the movie is about before they actually see it. The tag line means the unwritten law about bro’s (male friends) should always come before hoe’s (females). The target audience is for teenagers both females and males. The movie have has had great feedback and critics from film critic. They said it was a very entertaining and edgy teen comedy.
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