Mean Girls

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Joanne  Park ENGL1B MW  6:40-­8:00 Mean  Girls

"Mean  Girls"  Teach  You  to  be  Nice. Tina  Fey’s  “Mean  Girls”  is  a  teen  comedy  film  that  has  become  a  classic.  The  movie  is about  a  young  girl,  Cady  Heron,  who  has  been  home  schooled  by  her  zoologist  parents  in  Africa until  the  age  of  16.  As  if  attending  high  school  for  the  first  time  wasn’t  difficult  enough,  Cady experiences  it  all  in  a  new  country  and  a  new  culture.  Cady  finds  herself  having  a  hard  time understanding  the  social  norms  in  the  school,  and  is  drawn  to  the  "the  Plastics,"  the  most  popular clique  in  the  school.  Mean  Girls  does  not  only  consists  of  the  usual  American  teenage  drama, dealing  with  boys,  friends,  family  and  school  but  also  exposes  more  modern  and  considerable topics  such  as  cyberbullying,  sexualization,  and  body  image.  Ultimately  the  message  is  that popularity  isn't  everything  and  that  girls  need  to  support  each  other,  not  tear  each  other  down. Some  may  say  that  this  form  of  entertainment  may  be  bad  for  a  child's  development,  but  as mentioned  in  Steven  Johnson's  "Everything  Bad  is  Good  For  You",  this  form  of  modern  film "turns  out  to  be  nutritional  after  all."(Johnson  P.9).  The  movie  draws  out  a  laugh  from  the  viewer while  bringing  to  light  significant  issues  of  today's  teens  all  while  encouraging  cognitive development  through  the  'Sleeper  Effect'.  Through  positive  role  models,  diverse  characters,  and  a continuing  theme  of  'learning  from  your  mistakes',  the  "mean  girls"  learn  their  lesson  all  while improving  the  viewers  way  of  thinking  through  Multithreading. In  the  movie,  common  cliches  are  introduced,  such  as    the  typical  crush,  inevitable  cliques, and  the  struggle  with  grades.  And  although  it  may  appear  to  be  a  typical  'chick  flick'  "Mean  Girls"

goes  into  depth  about  subjects  that  seriously  affect  today's  teens.  In  the  movie  Cady  finds  herself accepted  in  the  popular  group  known  as  the  "plastics".  Mark  Deming,  a  critic  with  a  B.A.  in journalism  simplifies  the  plot.  "While  Cady  is  grateful  for  her  new  friends,  it  doesn't  take  long  for her  to  realize  how  manipulative  they  can  be,  and  she  soon  discovers  she's  violated  an  unwritten  law when  she  goes  out  on  a  date  with  Aaron,  who  is  charming,  good  looking...and  Regina's  former boyfriend.  It  isn't  long  before  Regina  and  her  pals  are  on  the  warpath,  and  Cady  must  face  a  level of  vengeful  behavior  for  which  years  in  the  jungle  never  prepared  her.  "(Demin  P.1).  As humorous  as  Demin's  summary  may  seem,  teens  find  the  movie  relatable  and  witty,  making  the conflicts  and  resolutions  familiar  to  them.  Throughout  the  movie,  "The  Plastics”  are  constantly talking  about  their  body  image  and  how  ugly  they  are.  Because  of  their  lighthearted  manner  the viewer  sees  how  silly  their  statements  are  and  come  to  see  the  ridiculousness  of  their  insecurities. The  effect  of  rumors  is  shown  through  characters  previously  introduced,  causing  the  viewer  to become  attached  to  the  victim.  The  infamous  queen  bee,  Regina  George  states  about  Cady's  close friend  Janice,  "I  was  like,  'Janis,  I  can't  invite  you,  because  I  think  you're  a  lesbian.'  I  mean  I couldn't  have  a  lesbian  at  my  party.  "  It  is  clearly  shown  in  the  movie  that  Janice  is  heterosexual and  that  Janice  was  hurt  by  the  rumors  teaching  the  viewers  the  effect  and  power  of  that  their words  have.  Sexualization  is  specifically  shown  in  a  scene  where  Regina  George's  younger  sister imitates  a  scene  of  'Girls  Gone  Wild'.  Her  age  is  never  specifically...
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