Mean Girls

Topics: High school, Psychology, College Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Before entering high school, I was warned about the various cliques that are created and the drama that is caused between friendships. After watching Mean Girls, I completely understand how the movie can relate to an everyday high school student. In this movie, there is a group of high school juniors known as the “Plastics.” This group of girls is highly overrated; they act cruel to other students and seek the same things. Regina George plays the role of the group leader, whereas the other two girls, Karen Smith and Gretchen Weiners, are constantly following what she does, not to mention they are too afraid to speak up to one another. Most of these actions are due to their lack of impartial leadership. When Cady, a new girl from Africa, comes to their school, everything changes. Not only does she become friends with the three girls who run the school, but also transforms into one of them without even noticing it. She realizes their appalling actions and decisions and speaks her mind when the other two girls would have stayed quiet. All the girls end up going in seperate directions, where they discovered their hidden talents and new friendships. Mean Girls is an excellent movie that provides an abundant amount of communication concepts and ideas. The ingenious incorporation of humor and enriching material educates readers of concepts such as the five basis for power, several styles of nonverbal behavior, and the ways conflict can be mismanaged.

One of the main problems that exists within this group of "Plastics" is mind reading. As Julia Wood explains, this happens when people assume they understand how another person thinks or feels (61). When Cady first met Regina George, she immediately assumed she was an overall nice person, and nothing like what other people described her as, which was a "life ruiner". Cady received the impression that Regina was going to help her out with her crush, but unfortunately witnessed Regina kissing that certain boy. From...
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