Me Too- Expressive Counseling Technique

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  • Published : February 19, 2012
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Name of Technique
The technique is called “Me Too” and functions as a counseling game. It is appropriate to use as a counseling intervention for children in middle and high school grades.
Summary of Technique
This technique can be used as an icebreaker or counseling activity for group counseling. The counselor would write statements on individual index cards or pieces of paper that relate to identified and/or targeted problems. The statements can be read aloud to the group either by the counselor or by taking turns by individual clients. Once a statement is read, if a member of the client group agrees with the statement, he/she can say “Me Too”. For example, if a group counseling session is for clients whose families are transitioning through a divorce, a statement could be “Sometimes I feel guilty that my parents separated”. If a client agrees with the statement, he/she would say ‘me too’. A variation of this technique would be for the group to stand in a circle, once a statement is read and a client agrees with the statement, he/she can say ‘me too’ and step inside the circle. Objectives

The objective of this technique would be to build group rapport, build group cohesion, engage clients, identify emotional problems, and to facilitate emotional expression. Materials
Index Cards/Paper
• Write 7-10 statements relating to the group counseling topic and related problem on individual index cards or on individual pieces of paper. Execution
1. Ask students to make a circle.
2. Explain the game by stating:
3. “Today we’re going to play a game called ‘Me Too’. I’m going to read a statement aloud. If you agree with the statement say ‘Me Too’ and take a step into the circle. I will tell you when to rejoin the circle at the end of each statement.” 4. After each statement ask the student to rejoin the circle. Continue the activity until each statement has been read. Debrief

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