Me Talk Pretty One Day

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Me Talk Pretty One Day
Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris is an account of his life when he moved to Paris to learn a new language from the time when he was still a noob in French up until he could understand every single curse coming out from his teacher’s mouth. This story exhibits an extremely varied level of sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary, which initiates to the reader’s understanding of the story. Sedaris’ style of writing is more inclined towards humorous, witty and straightforward language, so the readers may feel somewhat comical and enjoyable while reading his story.

In the first few paragraphs, Sedaris told how he felt when he enrolled in a French class; where he watched the students catching up with their holiday and talking to each other in a fluent French that he could pretty much understand bits of their conversation. He added that he did feel a little out of his element compared to his fellow students, until his French teacher arrived and made him feel like a total blockhead, as he could only partially understand her. Afterwards, Sedaris recounted his impressions towards his classmates and the way his teacher belittled and responded to each of them, like when she offended a Yugoslavian with “Oh, yeah? And do you love your little war?” and continuously downgraded the others.

As the story goes on, I can see that Sedaris did include few gibberish words in his writing such as meismslsxp, palicmkrexjs, and fiuscrzsws tociwegixp. These words did not really make any differences if Sedaris replaced them with the original words, but having these nonsense jumbles of letters in his writings somehow gave an impact on how he emphasized the way his teacher reacted to all of them. Besides, throughout his story, he made it obvious to the readers that his teacher was indeed an absolute witch, especially in the part when she blurted out a Cesarean Section metaphor.

Though Sedaris expressed that his French teacher was associated with...
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