Me, Philosophy and Its Value: )

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  • Published : May 13, 2012
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marj gomez
Me, Philosophy and its Value

“The truth will set you free”... as the saying goes. Seeking for the truth and answers are the key in unlocking the chain of ignorance and conformance. Saying yes to everything that is offered to you is like eating a food with poison without even asking. It is a food that may kill you if you never learn to ask and vomit out.

Since childhood, they termed me as “napakatanong.” I always asked, “How it happened?” “What if it does not?” What if he does?” And a quick reply follows these galore of questions just to stop a curious mind from questioning the world. I, as a little kid that time, have begun to challenge everything that was offered by my culture, my environment, and my world. Questioning something and not merely accepting what exists presently will give us the heart of knowing deeper beyond what we see with our eyes.

Our world is very complex. My world as a student is as complex as what the world seems to be. It is full of questions, requirements, and hidden messages between the lines of confusions. It is full of unanswered questions from which I don’t know where to seek for the answers. It is an endless journey of learning. As I travel further, I met bunch of questions along the way. I even annoyed my teachers for too much asking way back during my high school years. They insisted and even proclaimed to the campus that I am just boasting for my intelligence and mock me as a bad student. But then I ask myself, does asking make me an arrogant person? Does it prohibit me from being considered a good citizen? Is asking bad? If not, why do my teachers get mad at me? If yes, why and how if they teach us how to integrate the lessons and that was through asking? These are the unanswered questions that I brought up to my college days, until I learned about Philosophy.

Philosophy teaches us to look beyond what is offered and to challenge these things through questions. I love thinking of things out; I...
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