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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Poetry Unit
Song Analysis Assignment

You will analyze the lyrics of a song as poetry. You will look for the use of the poetic and literary devices that you have learned in your Writing and Reading classes.

✓ Choose a song that means something to you. Be sure that it is a song that is appropriate for school (no vulgar or offensive language, or over-emphasis on violence or sexual themes). Choose a song that contains poetic devices like the ones we have been discussing in class. To earn the maximum points, you will have to be able to identify at least 6 poetic devices in your song.

✓ Provide a copy of the lyrics. You may download them from an Internet source, type them, or write them neatly in black or blue ink. Be sure to include the songwriter’s name as well as the performer’s (or group’s) name. Number the lines of the song. You may number every 5th line (5, 10, 15…).

✓ Write a four-paragraph essay that addresses the following aspects of the song you chose. The four paragraphs should focus on: 1. Choice—Identify the song and performer/composer. Why do you like this song? Out of all the songs you listen to, what is it about this song that made you choose it for analysis? Do you admire the performer? Do you like other songs by the same performer? 2. Meaning—What is the song’s deeper meaning (not just the surface meaning)? What is the songwriter trying to tell the audience? What is the author’s purpose for writing it? Does the song tell a story? Does it address certain emotions or issues? 3. Music and Lyrics—How does the instrumental music reinforce the meaning of the lyrics? How does the music affect the overall tone or mood of the song? Is it angry and loud? Sad and subdued? What instruments are used? Why these instruments? 4. Devices and Terms—What poetic devices are used within the lyrics? Look for the devices that we’ve been talking about in class (similes,...
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