Me, Myself in the Shadows

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Me, Myself in the Shadows

Who am I but just a shadow of what I really am? My true self hiding from within awaits the day I have the courage to pull the mask out of my face. The mask of uncertainty and shyness, of fear and loneliness, of which that sticks to me whenever, wherever. But bit by bit each day, cracks are appearing and the dreadful mask is slowly disintegrating. Slowly but surely, my true self is surfacing in what can be called it true nature in different characters yet in its very own unique persona.

My true self has many characters. A writer, a keeper, a dreamer, an artist, an actress of my own play, shining on my own stage, I have a friendly and generous character within, who is willing to be there for others. I try to be strong and smile at everyone, welcoming their worried faces with a hug. I laugh and cry with them and even comfort them from their sorrows, doing my best to bring out their own smiles. I love having people around but sometimes prefer to be alone to think things clear. I can be trusted with secrets and loyal to my precious people. I respect everyone’s privacy and try to be honest with others. I love just sitting around for hours and just think about stuff, asking myself questions or just making up stories. I am my own person, my own actor and I know I am good at acting myself. This is my true self behind the mask. Yet shadows still exist in me. I can only see bits of who I really am because shadows still cover three quarts of my face, hence my mask. I am kind yet I am spoiled, friendly yet shy in front of others. I know I am trustworthy, hardworking, respectful and loyal and these are my strong points or rather the big cracks that my own mask had over the years, showing my true self. And still the shadows loom overhead and overpower me because I have yet to overcome my shyness, self-consciousness, laziness and pessimism. But within the shadows, I try my hardest to break out of my shell for my precious people, my family and...
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