Me Myself and I

Topics: Motivation, Optimism, Bachelor's degree Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Mt Sierra College

Me Myself and I

By: Jose Apaez
English 0080
Rhea Sanchez


Me Myself and I
In a world that seems ever more cynical and full of bad news, Optimist World chooses to counteract this by bringing positive people which shows the very best of the human spirit and helps to show that good can help to counteract the bad. My motivational transition of my Academic Achievements to a success story. That’s how I see myself, before I started college right when I was going for my associates my relatives didn’t really believe that I can do it I gave them a good reason because I never was really liked school. I was always optimistic that I will prove them wrong I’m going to graduate. Throughout the school years in college I was struggling a little, but I always saw in my head the prize in the end of the tunnel. Then 2 years later I received my Associates degree. There was another situation when I was getting trained there was a few hard moments but the outcome of me learning this which would mean more money better life this made me remember to the word Optimistic & Optimism. Optimism is the outlook that good things will happen, even if the situation may not appear totally positive at the moment. Wanting situations to be the best they can be, but they are said to tend to take a proactive approach in making things better. Optimistic is a person who engages in positive thinking, or "looking on the bright side" of things. That’s how I feel about my girlfriend cooking knowing she’s good with direction but when she burns the food it still tastes good and the spices compliments the food real good so I try to make lemons into lemonade. Another trait of me that really helped in my Academic Achievements is motivation this trait helped me graduate for my Associates Degree with a 3.5 GPA. I was also motivated to get an internship in my field in study. I became a Data Center Operations Hardware Intern at the Los Angeles Times. I was and still...
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