Me Myself

Topics: Psychology, Education, Physics Pages: 1 (413 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Janelle Chloe Tolentino Gamella
SPJ 7 Pulitzer


What is Mathematics? What’s comes in your mind when you heard about Mathematics? Well some people don’t like Math..because they think is kind a hard to understand. Anyway I ask some of the people I know what is Mathematics means to them? I really want to know what is their opinion regarding this matter. First, my Mom..according to her, she said Mathematics is one of her favorite subject. Math is very important to her, is very useful to her everyday life.. because it help her a lot by using mathematics in her financial budgeting in marketing and time management in the house. She can use math also when teaching my little sisters how to count. Secondly, my Dad..He told me that Mathematics sometimes is very useful to him and sometimes it can give him a headache..Its very useful and helpful to him, because by using mathematics in his work, things makes easier everyday..He told me also that math is could be part of life. I ask myself what is Mathematics? Actually I really don’t like math..I hate numbers. It makes me feel nervous always..because my teacher is very strict. Sometimes I can’t understand my lesson that’s why I got low scores in math quiz. Maybe because I closed my mind and keep telling to my self that math is hard to learn. Its not easy for me to cooperate and participate in the class, because I feel that way.. But now, after my mom and dad told me about what is mathematics means to them and how important that in their lives..its very useful and helpful to their everyday routine..I realize something about Mathematics..I don’t need to scared myself about numbers, I have to face the reality that I need to learn Math no matter how it hard..I will try my best to learn a lot in mathematics in every aspect. I will listen very carefully to my Teacher. And I will study my lesson. I will start participate in the class and cooperate..because it will help me a lot to learn. I think...
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